SOUND OF ECHOES Celebrating 90's Grunge Music

The Sound of Echoes is a collective of musicians and bands dedicated to the music defined as Grunge.

The group of musicians banded together as "Best of the NW Tribute"  to pay tribute to and perform the music from the classic era of

90's Grunge music.



The Best of the NW Tribute bands get together for the fans of 90's Grunge to perform the music of SOUNDGARDEN, PEARL JAM, MAD SEASON, MOTHER LOVE BONE, NIRVANA, TEMPLE OF THE DOG, AUDIOSLAVE, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS

 ALICE IN CHAINS and more.

A portion of show proceeds from every show are donated to the following:


Strong Against Cancer: a leading fighter against childhood cancer at Seattle Children’s Hospital.


Layne Staley Memorial Fund, benefiting Therapeutic Health Services (THS): assisting in efforts for recovery from heroin addiction.


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